The Pier

The Pier is a community of advocates on a mission to help us make “A Family for Every Child” a reality by giving monthly, fundraising and helping create awareness.

How to join

A name inspired by the support structure that carries the weight-bearing load of a bridge, The Pier represents individuals foundational to our mission of bridging the gap between children who have suffered trauma and families who are equipped to care for them. They are joyful ambassadors of Christ who fearlessly defend the cause of children who bear the invisible marks of being unseen, unwanted and unheard.

Give a monthly gift

Every gift helps find and equip foster and adoptive parents, no matter the amount. By giving a monthly gift, you are ensuring that there are families ready and waiting to offer their homes to displaced kids.

Give now

Start a fundraiser

By starting a campaign and sharing it with your friends and family, you are not only helping support us financially, but you are also encouraging others to do so. Your efforts directly help us find and equip foster and adoptive families for children who have suffered abuse and neglect. And there are tons of reasons to start fundraisers, like birthdays, company challenges, Mother’s Day.

Get started

Spread the word

Many people in Montana still don’t know about our child welfare crisis and the fact that we have thousands of children in our foster system. We want to spread the message that there is hope—and there is a solution. Every time you wear Child Bridge apparel, you help us spread the word across our beautiful state.