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Frequently Asked Questions

Foster Care Questions

How long does it take to get licensed?

How should I parent a child from foster care?

What are the requirements for becoming a foster parent?

What is the goal of foster care?

What does it cost to foster?

How do kids come into foster care?

What's the difference between State, therapeutic and tribal licensing?

Can I get licensed through Child Bridge?

What if I want to adopt?

Services Questions

Who are your services for?

Can I attend if I've adopted internationally?

What does it cost to use/attend your services?

Should I sign up before attending services/events?

Where do I RSVP?

Can I bring my kids?

Do you provide allergy friendly food?

Is it okay to arrive late or leave early?

Will your trainings count toward my licensing hours?

Giving Questions

Will I receive a receipt or tax statement for my gift(s)?

Is my donation tax deductible?

Is my information secure?

I would like to mail in a gift, where should I send it?

Can I make an endowment gift to Child Bridge?

How can I access Child Bridge's 990 reports?

Can I make a gift to Child Bridge through my Donor-Advised Fund?

Can I leave Child Bridge a gift in my will?

Can I donate monthly?

Can Child Bridge accept Stock gifts?