Join Us

We’re looking for driven, passionate individuals with excellent interpersonal skills to help aid in Child Bridge’s mission to find and equip families for Montana children in need.

Through employment at Child Bridge, you can achieve your career goals while helping to care for the most vulnerable children in Montana. We are passionate about equipping Christian families by engaging the Church and breaking down barriers between waiting children and loving families. We’ve got a collaborative work atmosphere full of amazing people, and we’re looking for more driven individuals to join us in this mission.

Our Values

As a faith-based organization focused on finding and equipping foster and adoptive families, our approach has proven unique and effective. Following the successful recruitment and preparation of foster and adoptive families, Child Bridge provides support, advocacy, and resources for them as they obtain a foster care license and prepares them to provide the best care possible for children. 

To meet the special needs of foster and adopted children, Child Bridge provides families with Resource Groups, Focus Groups, education, training and special assistance as needs arise, free of charge. 

Child Bridge has a Board of Directors that is made up of community business and child welfare leaders, and has a small operations staff that oversees Programs, Mission Advancement, Finance and Operations. To date, the organization is funded 100% by donations and receives no state or federal funding for its work. 

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