Our resources provide easily accessible education for foster and adoptive parents. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of parenting children from foster care through a trauma-informed approach, receive encouragement and hope when you need it, and learn about topics like reunification, tips for new foster parents and sibling dynamics.

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Intro to Trust-Based Relational Intervention®
    Active State
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    Family Activities

    Summer Fun Guide for Foster Families

    Make summer fun again for yourself and the whole family with these helpful tips. Discover easy ways to keep the kids entertained on a budget.

    Birth Parents

    Birth Parents Are Not the Enemy

    Realign your view toward the biological families of children in your care to help you see, interact and love them as God does.

    New Parents

    What If I Get Too Attached?

    Uncover the truth that contradicts a common fear that prevents families from stepping into foster care — the fear of loving a child and letting go.

    New Parents

    Why Is Reunification the Goal?

    Learn why reunification is and should be the goal of foster care. Read how a real foster mom readjusts her heart in order to root for reunification.


    How to Deal with the Grief of Reunification

    Learn how to process feelings of grief that can accompany the reunification of a child in foster care and get helpful resources for your whole family.

    New Parents

    How Do I Prepare for Reunification?

    Learn what practical steps you and your family should take to help prepare your children, your home and your heart for the reunification process.