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Abuse and neglect
The final say.

Right now, Montana is facing an unacceptable crisis. Every year, thousands of innocent children across our state are removed from the wreckage of devastating abuse and neglect. But there aren’t enough families stepping up to care for them all, to offer them hope and healing. And without a family, these wounded children face a future as dark as their past — alone.

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The Stats Are Devastating

Many kids who age out of foster care become homeless.
Around 20% of children in foster care become instantly homeless when they turn 18. Now considered a legal adult, they lose the security of State-funded housing, medical care and social services. Without a family’s support and guidance, these vulnerable teens are left to fend for themselves.
Children with trauma have a higher risk of being sex-trafficked.
Studies show that approximately 60% of trafficking victims spent time in the child welfare system. In the absence of a stable, loving family to protect them, many of these children are targeted by predators, unaware that they are worthy of so much more.
Kids who age out often repeat the cycle they were born into.
Many kids in foster care come from parents who grew up in similar conditions. 70% of girls who age out of foster care get pregnant within a year. 60% of boys are convicted of a crime within a year of aging out. 50% will develop a substance dependence. This is a generational crisis.
*Statistics from the National Foster Youth Institute

But it doesn’t have to be this way.
people like you can change lives like these.

A Chance to Be Seen

How God gave one little girl the chance to flourish in a family.

Love Like a Child

How the relentless compassion of biological children transformed their parents’ view of foster care.

A Friend and A Family

The redemption story of Brooklyn and the family she found through friendship.

The Love in Letting Go

How one couple’s obedience in the face of fear brought about the redemption of two families.

The Fight for Fatherhood

How a foster family allowed one man to become the dad his daughter needed.

Learning to Sing in the Dark

A true story of unspeakable abuse and unexpected redemption.

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    How do we solve this?

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    People say yes to fostering

    These children are terrified. They’ve been deeply hurt and now face an uphill battle alone. The don’t need a perfect parent. They just need someone willing to fight for them.

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    Parents become trauma informed

    Trauma leaves deep wounds, damaging a child’s ability to trust and feel safe. But there is hope. We’ll give you the resources and training to help your child heal.

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    Child Bridge supports parents

    Foster care is hard, but you will never have to do this alone. We will equip you with the support and community you need for every step of this journey.


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      Your First Step

      Join us for an Info Meeting to learn more about foster care.

      What if you’re exactly what a child needs? It only takes an hour to find out. Learn how kids come into foster care and what it looks like to care for them. You can ask any questions you have, and there's no pressure to make a commitment. What do you have to lose?

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