Montana is in a devastating yet
fight for the lives of children who
have been abused and neglected.

The reality is that there are not enough families stepping up to care for these innocent children. We bridge the gap by finding foster families who will do the hard work of caring for the vulnerable, whether a child’s need is a few days, a few months or forever.

The crisis

kids need our help

There are thousands of children in Montana’s foster care system and not enough families to care for them. Without stability, safety and nurturing, these kids face a devastating life of hardship.


of girls who age out of the foster system will become pregnant before 21


won't graduate from high school or get a GED


of boys who age out or are legally emancipated will be convicted of a crime


who age out will develop a substance dependence


of young people who age out won't earn a college degree

*Statistics from the National Foster Youth Institute

A family for every child

Every child is a masterpiece worthy of being seen. And every child deserves a chance.

a young girl with a pink jacket and a green bow in her hair.

the solution

how do we solve this?

People say yes to fostering

Families across Montana must answer God’s call to defend the powerless. Normal, everyday people can change the world when we say yes to something greater than ourselves.

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a smiling couple with a young boy.
a Native American woman and young boy.

Foster Families are Equipped

Foster care can be hard. Families need training and resources to empower them to walk through the unique challenges of caring for a child who has lived through trauma.

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Advocates Champion the Cause

People who are passionate about this crisis create awareness that leads to social change. Most people in Montana are unaware. Together, we can help change that.

Give monthly
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our services

What we do?

We exist to find and equip families to care for children who have suffered abuse and neglect.


We advocate for children who have suffered trauma by creating awareness of the crisis and educating potential foster families on how to get started.


We champion foster families. We empower them at each step of their foster journey by providing the training, resources and tools needed to care for a child who has suffered abuse or neglect.


Community is an essential part of walking this road. We build connection into everything we do, so you will always have people walking alongside you.

Get Involved

Take a stand

Our aim is to inspire a movement in Montana led by people like you. People who believe that every child is a masterpiece worthy of being seen. Who have passion for these kids in their soul and want to do something about it.


Connect with our team to decide if foster care is right for you, discover how to get started with the licensing process, and learn about all the resources available.


Give a gift of any amount to be part of finding and equipping foster families to care for children who have been abused and neglected.


Join a community of passionate Montanans who give monthly, create awareness and inspire others to join the cause. You can make “a family for every child” a reality.



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