5 Ways to Pray for Kids in Foster Care


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Pray for their healing.

These kids have suffered unimaginable neglect and abuse. Pray that each child entering foster care would feel safe and protected. Pray for the ability to open themselves up to the families caring for them. Pray that God would show these children the love and kindness of a Good Father. Overcoming the trauma of their pasts will take time, patience and diligent care from safe, loving adults.

But it is possible. God can achieve miraculous healing through even one person’s obedience. Pray for healing and freedom for these little ones who are waiting to experience the love God has for them.

Pray for their foster families.

Right now, there simply aren’t enough families to care for all the children without one. Join us in praying that God would call more families to get licensed to foster and that they would step forward in obedience. Every family that says yes is one less child left to struggle through life alone.

As we pray for new families, we also lift up current families. These are not extraordinarily gifted parents. They aren’t heroes with superhuman strength and knowledge. These are normal people doing the work of caring for the children from hard places. Pray for them as they learn trauma-informed parenting skills to help their children heal. Pray for them as they face the unknowns of foster care. Pray for their hearts, for their minds, for their faith, for their communities and for their homes.

Pray for their case workers.

Case workers hold the lives of these children in their hands. And these workers face a number of obstacles — backlash from families, long hours, huge caseloads, unexpected changes, burnout. We pray for help, grace and endurance for each of these men and women. They play a crucial role in the outcome of these children’s stories. They all want to do what’s best for each child, but such wisdom can only come from God.  

Pray for more case workers and God’s protection over them as they strive to make decisions that impact children and families every day.

Pray for their biological families.

God designs families for one another. That is why reunification is the goal of foster care. Though it’s not always possible, we always hope for the restoration of healthy biological families. Please pray for the healing, safety, growth and salvation of the parents fighting their own battles. We ask for God’s grace and help for those struggling against addiction, homelessness, poverty, unhealthy relationships and other obstacles. We pray that they would pursue the resources they need to transform their lives and homes.

We pray specifically that these parents would find grace and support through local churches. We know God can use hardship to change hearts, that He can turn weeping into joy.  

Pray for your part in this mission.

Could it be that God wants to use you and your family to bring healing and restoration to a child in need? This mission is not for the faint of heart. But there are ordinary people just like you who are making a real difference. There are plenty of reasons to say no. We challenge you to open your heart and pray for God to reveal the reasons to say yes.

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