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Why children?

Children are made in the image of God and every child deserves to be seen, valued and protected.

Every child is a masterpiece

Thousands of children in Montana have been removed from their families because of abuse or neglect. Each one of them needs a family who will nurture them, keep them safe, and give them a chance to heal.

The story of one

We focus on the many, so you can see the one. Every single child deserves a chance. It’s about the little girl who needs someone to teach her how to tie her shoes. The little boy who wants to learn how to fish. The 3-year-old who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.

A family gives each child hope for a better future.

what a family provides

A foster family provides a loving, safe and nurturing space for a child who has experienced abuse and neglect. The trauma the child has experienced has global implications for the child’s body, brain, social, and emotional development. Trauma-informed foster families create an environment where children learn to trust and begin healing.

A child who has experienced trauma may still feel unsafe long after they are removed from a dangerous environment. Being safe and feeling safe are different. A safe environment is an important step, but it doesn't end there. You can help a child experience "felt safety" when you consistently show a child that you as a parent will respond to the child's physical and emotional needs and that they have a voice that matters.

Children who have experienced trauma have often experienced highly unpredictable care. A caregiver may have been kind and gentle one day and volatile the next, particularly in cases where substance abuse or mental illness were involved. Erratic behavior from a caregiver, and the constant moving from home to home, results in children who do not trust others, who choose to rely on themselves, and who seek to maintain control in all circumstances. Well-equipped foster families help children heal by providing a routine and consistent home life that gives them stability.

As parents seek to connect with a child’s heart and demonstrate with words and body language that the child is a precious, beloved gift from God, nurturing occurs. When a child feels loved, seen and valued in your presence — regardless of the challenges you face together — a child can learn to trust you and bond appropriately. In the context of this safe and loving relationship, a child can begin to process their trauma and learn socially appropriate ways to interact with others and get their needs met.

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Take a stand

Our aim is to inspire a movement in Montana led by people like you. People who believe that every child is worth defending. Who have passion for these kids in their soul and want to do something about it.


Connect with our team to decide if foster care is right for you, discover how to get started with the licensing process, and learn about all the resources available to you as you welcome a child into your home.


Give a gift of any amount to be part of finding and equipping foster families to care for children who have been abused and neglected.


Join a community of passionate Montanans who give monthly, create awareness and inspire others to join the cause. You can make “a family for every child” a reality.