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There are children in Montana who have been waiting for a family for a long time. Will you help them Find A Way Home?

“God sets the lonely in families…” Psalm 68:6

Thank you for interest in getting to know some of Montana’s children who are waiting for a family. To learn more about a child, please click on their photo or name.

Showing a child’s photo is proven to be a very effective tool for finding families, yet we need your help in protecting these young people as much as possible. They have all exhibited great courage in allowing themselves to be photographed for this purpose, so if you recognize any of these children or see them in your community, please respect their privacy.

Many of the children available for adoption in Montana have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Because all children in foster care have experienced some form of trauma, welcoming them into your home can be tough, and an understanding of the effects of trauma and how to help children heal is essential.

If you are interested in learning if you might be a family for a particular child, please fill out the Finding a Way Home Family Application. When requesting more information about a child, please be aware that you may not be given any identifying information until it has been determined that your family may be a potential fit to meet their specific needs.

Lastly, please pray for the right family to come forward for each child as soon as possible. Your prayers and advocacy are such a vital part of their journey to Finding a Way Home.

Meet Canaan

Canaan is a sophisticated 13-year-old who enjoys jazz music and NPR.

Meet Isabella

Isabella is a sweet 9-year-old who loves to dress up and have her hair done.

Meet Chris

15-year-old Chris is known as a smart young man…he loves being outdoors with room to explore.

Meet Destiny

14-year-old Destiny loves to swim and listen to music.

Meet Kelton

10-year-old Kelton is a big fan of superheroes…and if you’re playing tag, watch out…he’ll get you!

Meet Jean

This social 15-year-old loves Bocce Ball and soccer.

Meet Kenney

A great sense of humor is what makes 14-year-old Kenney stand out from the crowd!

Meet Logan

This 11-year-old 5th grader especially enjoys camping trips and boating.

Meet Dany

“Very social and loves to laugh” describes 16-year-old Dany perfectly!

Meet Tobin

14-year-old Tobin
is a true techie at heart!

Meet Zoe

A self-proclaimed couch potato who likes to hike, 15-year-old Zoe is a bit of a paradox!

Meet Gabe

10-year-old Gabriel is an intelligent young man who is enthralled with stories of Greek Mythology.

If you might be a family to a child in the Finding A Way Home program, please complete the Family Application.