Matt Hudak, CFP®

Matt serves as a volunteer Ambassador for Child Bridge in Southwestern Montana. His primary role is to work with the community to increase awareness of the child-welfare challenges it faces and engage people in the various ways they can become involved in solving this crisis through Child Bridge. 

Matt’s roots in Southwest Montana go back for generations in both Butte and Bozeman. He left his hometown of Bozeman to study Biblical Literature at Northwest University, just outside of Seattle and then worked full time as a property manager and on staff at his church. Matt moved back to Bozeman in 2011, serving as a pastor and working a “day job” for a local non-profit. Through his work, Matt developed a passion for helping people grow financially and develop the skills to connect their values and resources, so he shifted the direction of his career toward finance early in 2013. He quickly became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a partner in the practice. Matt recently launched an independent financial planning firm, CoCreate Financial, focused on values-based, impact-oriented finance. 

Matt and his wife, Christa, live out their passion for child welfare. They have been Child Bridge-supported foster parents and are very engaged in the foster-care community. Matt has seen many of the issues our communities and foster children face first-hand, and loves to build relationships with foster parents, community members, churches, and anyone that hopes to make a difference. 

Matt whole-heartedly believes that if we all open our eyes to see these kids the way Jesus does and then simply do whatever is right in front of us, then we could give love and hope to every child who comes from a hard place.