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Join us this year for

This retreat is designed for foster and adoptive moms, kinship providers, grandparents, and others who care for orphaned and vulnerable children.  We understand firsthand that this journey can be difficult and lonely. Deeply Loved is a time for you to leave behind the distractions and chaos of life and be physically, emotionally, spiritually recharged and inspired. Deeply Loved is all about supporting parents like you on your post placement journey.

During the retreat there are 4 main sessions, plus a variety of breakout sessions , on topics designed specifically to equip you on this journey.

This is a “KID FREE” event. That means as much as we love kids (and we really love kids) we are trying to create an environment where moms are able to relax and unwind. So please no children of any age and no exceptions. Our participants thank you!!

Foster and adoptive moms, we need each other. You are not alone. You are DEEPLY LOVED by Jesus.

”Above all, love each other deeply..” 1 Peter 4:8

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I just wanted to thank you ladies for such a lovely weekend. God knew this is exactly what I needed. It was so amazing to be in a room full of women who “get it”. I already have it on the calendar for next year!
— Alli Robbins

2019 Main Session Speaker

Deeply Loved isn’t just a fun time. It’s also a time to learn more about yourself and your children. This year’s line up of main speakers and breakout speakers is the best yet. Want a sneak preview?

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Stephanie Fast

Stephanie Fast is an internationally known public speaker who has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives with her compelling life story that began as an abandoned Korean War orphan. For the past few years she has focused her efforts on advocating for orphans around the globe. She lives in Oregon with her husband, Darryl, and to her great joy near her children and grandchildren.

Fast is the name she was given in America. She does not know her original name, birth date, or place of birth, other than that she is Korean. Because she is biracial, Stephanie Fast was abandoned, left in a strange place to fend for herself, likely to die of starvation, disease—or worse.

Stephanie has made it her life’s work to try to help rescue every orphan out there—terrified, hungry, hurting, abused. If you believe that how we treat the most vulnerable among us determines our own humanity you will want to read Stephanie’s book, She Is Mine, and you will want to get to know Stephanie’s story.

You can find out more about Stephanie at her website www.stephaniefast.org.

Breakout Speakers


Tara Bradford

Tara Bradford is an adult adoptee, an adoptive parent, and the Founder of FACES (Foster+Adoptive+Community+Empowerment+Support). She has been married to her best friend, Tyler, for 26 years and is mom to five amazing children through birth and adoption.

She is coming to share her wisdom as an adoptive mother and an adoptee. Adoption is a triangle, with the birth parents, the adoptee, and the adoptive families set at each of the points. Each one has a voice, a story, & should be seen & heard in the conversation.

Sometimes the voice of the adoptive parent is given more weight. If we want to really learn the experience of adoption, we need to talk to the people who have lived this story…the adoptee.


Parents, Lets Unite
for Kids

Back by popular demand, PLUK!

Come learn about resources offering education & training or guidance navigating the education system.

Learn the importance of the importance of advocacy and how to be an effective advocate.

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Divine Growth Yoga

Trauma Based Yoga Therapy

Meet Rebecka "Becka" Perfitt.  Becka who is a trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist. Becka has 7 years experience in yoga. She has been married for 20 years and has 4 children. Her oldest son is 21, daughter 17 and adopted twins (through the foster system) are 4. Her twins have been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and one has been diagnosed with autism. Becka and her husband have been foster parents for 7 years.  She also works as a crisis counselor for Tumbleweeds for the last 4 years. Becka was in foster care herself as a teen and spent time in a juvenile detention center.  She has worked through her own trauma with her faith and yoga.  Becka has a passion to connect with kids and others with trauma. 

Trauma-informed yoga is an approach to creating a safe, sensitive space in which  individuals can learn to regulation skills through connection with the breath and increased body awareness.


Kimberly Buls
Crash Course on Technology and your kids

Do you want to know more about what your teen is doing on their cell phone? How can you stay one step ahead of the next “tide pod challenge” and be able to talk to your kids about it BEFORE they hear about it at school?

Kimberly is the Fresh Life Kids Director and has made it her mission to help parents keep their kids safe in this digital world and she wants to give you some helpful tips and tricks and resources so you feel equipped.

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Jesi Schuman
Fab 5 in 15

Just because you have a lot of kids (or just a few), doesn’t mean you can’t look fab! Jesi is going to lead this interactive, super fun breakout on “How to get ready and look epic in 15 minutes-ish”.

And like any good hair dresser, she’s hilarious and gives good gifts. The information will be interesting and the swag will be legit.

Jesi is an adoptive mama and owner of Kalispell salon, Salon Jazlin. She cannot wait to show you some tips and tricks to make morning a little but easier.


Rya Diede
Birth Parent Relationships

As my 8 year old daughter says, “I have two moms. My birth mom and my forever mom.”

Birth families will ALWAYS be a part of your child’s story and it doesn’t have to be something you fear.

Rya has worked with birth families and children in foster care for over 10 years. Not only that but she is so creative and has a heart of gold. She will be sharing some things that can help you maximize the relationships with your child’s birth parents. And if you don’t have a relationship or contact, she can help you start down that path.

Side note: Rya is the mom of 5 boys and drives a sweet Nissan NV. She is the one that showed me I’m not too cool to drive a “bus full of kids”.

Adoptee Panel


On Saturday Night we will be hearing from an adoptee panel. A few of the panelist descriptions are listed below. Get your questions ready and be prepared for honest answers.

  1. A 65 year old man who was adopted as an infant but wasn’t told he was adopted until he was 16.

  2. A 20 year old AA girl who was in foster care and adopted at age 6 and raised in one of the whitest Montana towns. She is now living on her own and taking a break from her adopted family.

  3. A 30-something woman who aged out of foster care.

  4. A 25 year old women adopted as an infant.


Such a much needed refreshing time! This momma needed this time! So thankful for this retreat and all the new and old friends I get to see and meet.
— Heidi Bowker

Would you like to be a Sponsor?

Deeply Loved is a retreat for foster and adoptive moms. These women are caring for Montana’s most vulnerable children and due to the trauma that these children have experienced, parenting can be challenging and exhausting. This retreat is designed to bring these moms rest, community and healing so they can return home refreshed and strengthened to continue to care for these children.

The registration fee doesn’t come close to covering the cost of the retreat. If you, or your business, would like to help make this retreat a success, please contact Amanda Creamer at 406-837-2247 or acreamer@childbridgemontana.org


Deeply Loved Registration Fee

The cost of Deeply Loved retreat is $135. This includes 4 meals at the Lodge and all of your sessions. We do have a Ladies night out Saturday night where you are in charge of buying your own meal. We will have a list of Whitefish Restaurants that you could visit.

As of right now, we do not have any scholarships but keep checking back. I will post it here!

Lodging at Whitefish Lake Lodge

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Lodge that start at $104/night. Ask for the Deeply Loved/Child Bridge block rate when you call.

If you would like to save money, you can split these rooms 4 ways with roommates! The rooms are large and have plenty of room. Go to the Deeply Loved Facebook page if you are looking for roommates!

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake
1380 Wisconsin Ave., Whitefish, MT 59937
1.877.887.4026 or 406.863.4000